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IT Development
We understand the unique challenges that a startup faces, so we’ll help you with your business plan, developing a successful  marketing strategy, finding your niche, analytics, implementation.
We will architect the back-end solution, test and implement it, and make sure that your product is properly integrated into all of the necessary information systems.
We will design, prototype and test the ideal user experience for your product.
We can develop the product for any of the commonly used operating systems, and our business analytics and UX/UI teams will insure that your vision is realized in the end result.
From narrowing your scope and project description to developing  image, logo, website and/or landing page, we help you  look your best in front of investors.
We will improve your communication with the market by creating a holistic company image and style, improving website features, and intelligent content marketing.
Information is king, and we know how to gather and analyze it, as well as maximize the usefulness of your internal data.
We develop complex comprehensive strategies from pricing strategies, and risk modeling, to international product launches we are here to help you plan for the future.
LE Navigator / Addzer / Palladium
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Dmitry Golovanev
We can develop the product for any of the commonly used operating systems, and our business analytics
Гайчук Сергей
Russian Post / Synesis / Lenovo / MTV Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation
Sergey Gaichuk
WeChat Shop eCommerce
Statistic Analyzer Shopify
Instagram Account Manager Add-on
Andrey Kozlovskiy
Ulmart / Startwire / PowerMeMobile Message Manager Platform
MEGA-IKEA / Huawei
Alexander Maly
Our team has a great experience in development. Our team members have been working on the world level projects in and out of the company.